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Metal Spheres and Columns Companies who build Water Towers


Kalmarsund Hotell is located right in the centre of Kalmar. The atmosphere is calm and pleasant, ideal both for companies looking for conference facilities as well as private guests. It's easy to find, just look for the beautiful old red water-tower and the small listed buildings signposted Tripp, Trapp and Trull, which are found right beside us.

Vineyard Haven water tower

The large water tower that dominates the Stevenage skyline is the highest point between London and York (and worryingly is big enough for a town of 150,000 people. Stevenage was only intended to house 80,000 and the planners are still letting it grow, with the result that parts are starting to resemble the slums that it was supposed to move people away from.)

On a foggy fall evening in October, America went to war with Mars! Normal programming interrupted as listeners heard the startling news that there were "explosions occurring on the Planet Mars!" Reports followed stating that a "huge, flaming object" had fallen to Earth on a farm near Grover's Mill, New Jersey. More landings were soon reported and a frightened radio audience concluded that Earth was under invasion by aliens! This is the program that terrified a nation. Thousands fled their homes in panic. In the town of Grover's Mill, the local water tower was pumped full of buckshot as frightened believers fired at what they thought was a giant Martian war machine. The true power of broadcast made itself known on this Halloween-eve. And no one has forgotten the chilling fear and awesome force of radio.

The water tower adjacent to the Frontierland Train Station is an actual, functioning water tower used for Disneyland’s authentic steam trains.

The Water Tower Residence
Description A one bedroom bachelor apartment built in a one-time unused space below a water tank atop a 16 story Manhattan apartment building. Breathtaking views on three sides of the living room through new 16' high arched windows.

The water tower, one of Red Deer's most noticeable landmarks, was constructed in 1954 when the city was much smaller. Not too many people can remember Red Deer without a water tower. There are 500,000 imperial gallons or 2,250 cubic metres of water in the tower. The water is stored there so extra water is available at busy times of the day. We also keep a certain amount of water stored so that, if there is a fire, water will be available, and the Fire Department will be able to put it out. Water is pumped into and drawn out of the tower every day to ensure it is fresh and safe for everyone to drink. The water is pumped from the Water Treatment Plant or from the underground reservoir right beside the tower. You may be interested to know that the water tower has never leaked. The tower is inspected regularly and repainted so that the metal will not rust and start to leak.

The Salinas Valley News-Reporter
Water tower burns down, firefighters look bad The old saying "anything's possible" was proved last weekend when a water tower burned completely to the ground. Witnesses reported that it took firefighters 25 minutes to get to the water tower, which was right next door to the fire station. City officials are scrambling to get another one built, and this has been a "hush-hush" matter, of course. Of course, this makes the fire department look very bad, not only because of the fact that a tank filled with 100,000 gallons of water burned down, but also that it took them 25 minutes to get to a fire next door to the fire ststion. Jeffrey Jefferson, the fire chief, said "Well, God! Don't treat us like that! We were asleep! It was 2:30 in the morning, you know! We need our beautysleep too, man!" Judging by Jefferson's appearance, he'd need about 2,500 years of it. A group of angry citizens has started up a protest group, and called it Fire the Incompetent Firefighters, Understand?(FIRE). The FIRE hotline has already gotten 17 calls from two boys claiming to be Beavis and Butt-Head, and were sayinh "Huh huh! Huh huh!"