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Chico State University
PG&E has presented an energy rebate to Chico State University, recognizing the university's efforts to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The electric company presented Chico State President Manuel Esteban a $672,900 facsimile check in a brief ceremony on campus on April 11. The rebate recognizes the university's investment in the campus water tower behind Shurmer Gym. The tower at one time settled slightly more than engineers expected. It has since stopped sinking. The rebate rewards the university for completing an air conditioning and water chilling project that will reduce campus energy demands on PG&E during the day and summer months, when the campus needs the most energy. The university uses the white water storage tank behind Shurmer Gym to chill the 1.4 million gallons of water inside at night, without using power. The cooled water is then used on campus to cool campus buildings, reducing energy costs to campus and the environment. Before the project was completed, the university operated two large chillers throughout the day to cool the campus. Officials calculate the project will save the university $400,000 per year in energy costs.